REST API - Index Statistics API not working

my Enviroment:
Couchbase 7.0 Beta, localhost
Windows 10

I want to get Index Statistics with REST API.

I referred to this link.

I tried this phrase as described, but failed.

$ curl -X GET -u Administrator:password “http://localhost:9102/api/v1/stats?pretty=true

I don’t think I’m in the case described above, why is there a 404 error?

For your information, I was able to check the index properly in the Web Console.

I’ll be waiting for your help. Thank you.

Hi @leech ,

Thanks for trying out the Couchbase Server 7.0 Beta build. I am assuming you are using the 7.0.0-3739 build. This issue was present in 7.0.0-3739 build. We have recently refreshed the Beta build on our website, and are now offering build 7.0.0-4602 for download. This build has the fix to the issue you are seeing. It would be great if you can download the latest from and try out once again. Please let us know your feedback on this issue.

Mihir Kamdar
Sr. QE Manager
Couchbase Inc.


Hello. @mihir.kamdar .

Thank you for your answer.

It doesn’t appear in the update, do I have to uninstall the server and reinstall it?

I’ll try to reinstall it. Thank you!