REST API endpoint /query/service isn't available, but /query is


We have two servers – staging and production.

We used to have /query/service endpoint for both servers, but the staging server is now missing that endpoint. Instead, it now has /query endpoint.

Is there a way to bring back /query/service? I would like to know why it is now /query instead of /query/service. Is there a place where we can configure it?



Could you upload your logs for both servers, so that we can take a look ? That might give some more information. Also how are the servers deployed ? - VM, docker, local machine, and what build is being used on which OS.


Could you post a verbose output from curl, e.g.

curl --verbose http://ip address/query/service


Hi @isha and @marcog

Thank you for the responses. I don’t know what happened, but it is not available. In fact, both /query and /query/service are available.