Reporting/charts from couchbase

Hi All,
We have a requirement to generate some charts(bar chart, line chart) based on data stored in couchbase. On backend we can use N1QL query and get the data but what is a good tool to generate chart on frontend. Couchbase analytics is not supported currently in our company so that will not be an option.


You can try PowerBI and uses the Web data source to access Couchbase using the N1QL Rest API.
i.e. http://localhost:8093/query/service?statement=SELECT
Make sure you enter the connection credentials in the ‘Edit Permissions…’ of the Data Source settings

There are also other tools such as Knowi, or the Couchbase ODBC drivers from CData that would allow more reporting tools for you to choose from.


Thank you @binh.le . Any open source charting tool?