replaceMulti and upsertMulti

Hello again,

I am asking yet another question that I simply can’t find any documentation for.
In our current package.json we use:
“couchbase”: “~1.2.4”

Obviously I wish to advance to the new SDK so I moved to
"couchbase": “~2.1.2”

Now, I connect to couch differently by using openBucket on a Cluster object instead of using Connection for each bucket.

The problem is that in nowhere possible can I find the replaceMulti operation in this new bucket class while Connection had that operation. Obviously, this means that we just can’t advance to the new version because our production codebase uses replaceMulti operations.
I’ll be happy to know you didn’t simply remove/forgot to implement these operations in the SDK.

Secondly, I would like to know if there is an upsertMulti operation.

Thank you.

@brett19 can you help here? Also, can you point to the most recent Node SDK docs?