About nodejs sdk upsert data


my environment is:
couchbase server 5.0
sync_gate 1.5
node.js sdk 2.4.2
couchbase lite for android.

I ready the official document say that above environment can wirte thought the sdk and sync data to mobile device.
but I use bucket.upsert a data to server, and query from server, get data result is :

it’s seem lost META data.and it’s not be sync to mobile device.
can I direct use nodejs sdk insert data and sync to mobile device?


The metadata in these cases is stored in an XATTR (you can read more about XATTRs in the 5.0 documentation set), so it’s not visible unless directly requested.

I’d have to defer to others in the mobile group, but I believe it should sync just fine if the sync function you create defines the document in a channel that would sync for the user. What should happen in that case is the bucket.upsert() will create the document, Sync Gateway will see that it is a candidate, and it will add the necessary metadata to the XATTR. When the Couchbase Lite for Android app syncs, it should receive the document. According to the documentation, this depends on the “enable_shared_bucket_access=true” configuration variable.

If you don’t see that behavior, probably best to post to the mobile forum.

Hope that helps!

thank you for reply!