Remove incomplete backup (created by cbbackupmgr)

Hi all,

I’m testing cbbackupmgr in CB4.5. I tried to merge two backups together but ran out of space on my server. As a result, cbbackupmgr aborts as expected.

Now the directory folder includes a lot of temporary files used for the merge.

Is there a “safe” way to remove the previous merge attempt?

Do I just remove the .merge folder? There is a .merge_status file also. Not sure what else. (I don’t see any parameters used to remove backup other than the entire repository.)

Ideally, I’m looking for ways to script these administrative jobs so that it can “detect” failures, merge weekly, etc. It seems that “cbbackupmgr --list” will just display the folder structures (e.g., if I create a subfolder in the repository folder) but not the actual Items count). Interesting enough that “cbbackupmgr --list” actually remove the .merge folder .merge_status file.

Running CB4.5 under Windows 2012R2.

Thank you.
Regards, Steve