Backup cloud storage


Regarding backups topic, we read in documentation that cloud storage cannot be used for merges.

We read in merge command documentation: Since the merge command creates a new backup file before it removes the old ones it is necessary to have at least as much free space as the backups that are to be merge together.

We also read this in cloud documentation:
*1. This information on retention applies only to Couchbase Server 6.6, hosted in your own cloud provider’s VPC. It does not apply to to the majority of Capella Clusters — running Couchbase 7.0, hosted in Couchbase’s VPC, and fully managed for you. For deletion details for these, see above *
2. Exceeding the backup retention period: Once a backup’s age exceeds the value set for Backup Retention in the Autosave Schedule, it will automatically be deleted.

So we understand that by using cloud storage we don’t have any configuration related to retention period. Is this correct?

So what should be the way to implement retention on cloud storage? by manually removing backups? Also, we can’t find in documentation a command flag that helps deleting backups by filtering dates? only backup id? any hint on how to achieve this easily?

Or we should point to another direction?

Thanks in advance

There seems to be multiple unrelated items in the question above.

The below answers apply to Couchbase Server cbbackupmgr – I am assuming that you are using cbbackupmgr to backup your self-managed cluster, and that the archive location that you are using with cbbackupmgr is a cloud storage, like AWS S3 (as opposed to file system, NFS, etc.).

General info on cbbackupmgr backup to cloud storage is here –

To remove/delete a cbbackupmgr backup, the command to use is cbbackupmgr remove – the options are documented here –

To specify the backups range to delete, see the details on the formats that can be used with the --start and --end .

There are no cbbackupmgr commands for retention policies. Again, this is when you are using cbbackupmgr commands with your self-managed Couchbase Server cluster directly (not using Couchbase Autonomous Operator, not using Couchbase Capella Hosted Clusters).

If you are using Couchbase Capella Hosted clusters, see this doc info –

If you are using Couchbase Autonomous Operator, see this doc info –


I apologize if the point was not clear.

This topic is under Couchbase Server category, so no, we are not using neither capella nor operator, but server version 7.

No, we are not using cbbackupmgr, but backup service. And yes, we are using cloud storage as archive location.

Yes, thanks, doc info links we already checked, that’s why we quoted related parts of them to help put focus on our question, actually comparing this capella feature Backup and Restore Cluster Data | Couchbase Docs and cbbackupmgr behaviour removing old backups usig file system archive location cbbackupmgr merge | Couchbase Docs, to try to understand the differences, if any.

Now, please, let me rephrase :slight_smile: : is there any feature to set retention policies in our scenario?

Thanks again!