Remove existing xattr._sync property after updating filter to EXCLUDE docs from sync gateway

TL;DR I have docs on my sync gateway and I need them removed

I’ve have updated my import function to exclude documents from the sync gateway. I’ve also updated the sync function to throw an exception if one of the docs are edited and are processed again through the sync function.

Referring to this post it seems the next step is to remove the xattr._sync from all the new excluded docs.

We have tried to run the following query on the excluded docs with no success:

UPDATE bucket_name 
USE KEYS "excluded_doc_id" 
UNSET META().xattrs._sync

Can someone please assist in removing the xattr._sync property?

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Can you clarify why you need to remove the xattr? These documents may have already been synchronized to clients. I think the recommended approach would be to modify your sync function to ensure the docs are no longer accessible (not assigned to channels).