REMI php-pecl-couchbase4 HP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class "Couchbase\ClusterOptions" not found


I use the REMI Couchbase PECL module, and am getting an error indicating the Couchbase Class is not available.

I have tried both 4.1.6 and 4.2.0 and receive the same error. This previously worked without issue on the 3.x version.

phpinfo cli output showing couchbase info:
couchbase => enabled
couchbase_extension_version => 4.2.0
couchbase_extension_revision => 4807e92e003f4eb1fbb32be7b30cb15ba5a15c56
couchbase_client_revision => 933e87eeab58b0a3f063fc12d93b443eea39cca7
couchbase.log_level => no value => no value
couchbase.log_path => no value => no value
couchbase.log_php_log_err => 1 => 1
couchbase.log_stderr => 0 => 0
couchbase.max_persistent => -1 => -1
couchbase.persistent_timeout => -1 => -1

Did something change? Do I need to use the composer module now instead or in addition to the php module?

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It would be helpful to see your code. Are you referencing tha autoload as described in the Couchbase Start Using the PHP SDK example? Start Using the PHP SDK | Couchbase Docs

You need both the PECL module and composer library for this to work with 4.x. 3.x you only needed the PECL module. So this is resolved.

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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