Release 3.0.2 Community edition?


I saw on JIRA that the version 3.0.3 release date was on March 9th 2015 but i don’t see any release yet.

When will you release the version 3.0.3 for enterprise and 3.0.2 for community ?


Hi, the bug fixes coming in with 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 are enterprise only. Community edition runs few more months behind on shipping the updates unless they get superseded with a new community edition release. There won’t be a community edition of 3.0.3 immediately. We are working on a major release that will include the new Query language N1QL and new indexing mechanism and added security and XDCR capabilities in the next few months as well so with that there may be another community edition coming.

Back to your question; We are looking at 3.0.3 but the timeline is fluid for enterprise edition. Rough timeline could be april but will depend on the quality of the build and issues we find.

Does that mean building the community edition 3.0.2 using couchbase sources on github will NOT include the same bug fixes as the equivant enterprise edition?