Is CE 3.0.3 ready?

I bit of google led me to a build of couchbase CE named couchbase-server-community_centos6_x86_64_3.0.3-1716-rel.rpm hosted somewhere at
Brings up a few questions:
Why is this not annouced and hosted on the official download page?
Is the CE build of 3.0.3 ready for use but held back for some reason?
Can I start using this package I found on


There is no official 3.0.3 CE. I’m not sure what you’ve found-- it may be an artifact of an automated build system. Official releases are all at

Hope that helps!

Ok, so unofficially… we can build 3.0.3 from github using FALSE for BUILD_ENTERPRISE and that would give me a community edition?

Since it’s Open Source, you can certainly do whatever you want with the source, yep.

Anything you build wouldn’t be a release from Couchbase in either CE or EE as your environment and build toolchain will likely differ from what Couchbase uses. All builds posted by Couchbase have gone through some testing across the many platforms supported and the EE builds get additional scrutiny/fixes/etc.

Thanks, I’ll certainly give it a try to see if I can get more recent bug fixes than what is in 3.0.1.