Recommended Hosting

I was wondering if there is a recommended hosting provider for Couchbase. I have had issues with the Azure cloud service due to socket drops so the cluster would have to reinitialize. I’m currently running on Joyent a test app but have noticed a weekly drop on a server and I lose all my primary and indexes for that node.

I was also wondering if there is a reason/or way to configure indexes being shared across the nodes so when you do a rebalance it regains the indexes you set for the nodes or for that specific node. I’m just noticing poor/limited performance when I do a manual rebalance and all the indexes are missing.

We have a large number of customers running on AWS, Azure, Google cloud and Joyent. Maybe we can help you with the specific issue you are experiencing. Would you like to tshoot Azure or the Joyent issue first?
We are adding full re-balance capabilities to Global Secondary Indexes. At the moment, you can create identical indexes to load balance and gain redundancy.

There are many questions about Couchbase hosting and few answers that are not already out of date (references to Couchbase blog that do not exist, or too short to provide any meaningful guidance. So, I would like to restart this thread by asking if Couchbase has some tutorials that go into details of hosting at Azure, Amazon and Joyent.

I can definitely recommend using DigitalOcean. They have really good documentation and reasonable prices. $10 a month is enough for a small instance running Couchbase + sync_gateway. Add that they host is so many countries now you should have no trouble if you have sensitive data.