Rebalancing taking lot of time and never completes


We are facing an issue in production - Rebalancing takes long time and finally stuck.
We use Couchbase community edition 3.0.1. This is a 6 node cluster with 5 Couchbase buckets and 1 memcached bucket and No replication.

Memory :
Total : 120 GB
In USe: ~1.5GB

Disk: ~1.5 GB

When data is present rebalance takes long time. Waited for more than 2 Hrs and the operation was not progressing at all. From the log it is found that rebalancing is a “swap rebalance”.
Once the data is flushed and rebalanced, the operation completed within 15 min. We faced a hardware failure in production last day and finally we had to flush all the data to complete the rebalance.

Appreciate any help to solve this rebalancing issue.


We still face the rebalancing issue in production environment. Any new solutions are identified to solve this issue?

3.0.x (EE) went end-of-life over a year ago (in April 2016 - see

Rebalance performance and stability has significantly improved since 3.0 - I suggest you upgrade to the current supported release (4.5.1).

Agreed with @drigby, but there are also known rebalance bugs in 3.x that have been fixed in 4.5.1 as suggested… If you’re using Community, you have to go to 4.5.1 to get these fixes; 3.1.3 is the latest and has these bugs.

Alternatively, you should try backing up your views, removing them all, try your rebalance again, and restore the views.