Realtime synchronisation setup with SQL server

Hi everyone,

I’m currently creating an data synchronisation between an ODBC connection with an SQL Server 2014 behind it. If there are any changes in the database on specific tables, I want to create and modify documents in the couchbase database.

The data is unstructured and I want to restructure the data. In the SQL database the relationships between the tables are not very handy for Couchbase. Now I want to know what the best option for this is to update everything realtime with Couchbase. I cannot modify the current SQL server database structure.

An SQL server table example:

  Address > Address id
          > country id
          > Street
          > Street number

  Country > country id
          > country name

Then you can get the country by requesting the country from country table.

I at first thought this would be the best option without using N1QL:

  1. Unstructured data from SQL server
  2. Structure data using queries when changes are in SQL server db
  3. Send structured data to Couchbase
  4. create/update views

It’s unclear on how N1QL works. I was thinking the following way:

  1. Unstructured data from SQL server
  2. Send unstructured tables to Couchbase as documents
  3. Structure data by using N1QL and storing it as documents (Or as views?)
  4. create/update views according to structured data generated by N1QL

What is the most ‘Couchbase’ way of doing this? Must I trigger certain queries when changes are made?

Thanks in advance

Hi @minusplusminus if you’re looking for a solutions to achieve your goal and want to move to something that can natively support real-time two-way sync between SQL Server and Couchbase you can have a look here

Hope this will help