Read a key from XDCR replica hang if the key is in transition from the master

I use the C Library : libcouchbase 2.53 (other perl binding)

The main and the xdcr cluster is on couchbase Version: 3.0.3-1716 Enterprise Edition (build-1716-rel).

We have a XDCR from server A to server B on a specific bucket. One way: A => B.

When I try to read a key on B, that is present on A, and are supposing in transition to B, I’ve got a timeout.
If I retry until it work, it may take 30min to sort this out for 1 key.

When I try to read the key on A, it work right away.

Is they a XDCR setting to avoid this situation ? I want to get the key but I don’t need strong consistency like this. If the key is not yet replicate I don’t care, I just want this to react as a missing key.

Thanks for support