[XDCR] Is it possible to make XDCR buffer/wait before replicating data to the dest cluster


We are using XDCR for Disaster recovery, but we found it to be really usefull to split “memcache” operations and “views” operations.

Our “memcache Ops” are typically front and respond to synchronous needs;
They are running on the XDCR source cluster

The “views Ops” are much more for backoffice and asynchronous purpose, and are running on the destination cluster.

Most of our views a running on large set of data, where each item can be updated 1000+/Minute

Is there any way to make XDCR buffer the items to be replicated n seconds, meaning that only the last update for each item will be sent to destination, and that we will save a lot of CPU and IO on views indexing and compaction ?

We understand that is doesn’t fit well with real time disaster recovery, but it could make a lot of sense for splitting “memcache” and “views” Ops while significantly reducing the CPU/IO needs, and making the indexing much faster

Hi, a few questions for you;

  • From your wording, I sense that you are updating the same value many times. is that right?
  • Which version are you on with both clusters and which OS+version?
  • How many nodes in your clusters?

Hi Cian,

Yes, many keys are updated every minute and each key is updated many times
We are running à 5 nodes couchbase 2.2 cluster on RHEL 6.4 64