Ram QUOTA changes

Is there a way to change the RAM Quota for a bucket after creation?

Where in the config files is this limit written?

Do all buckets in the cluster have to have the same RAM Quota?

Can a RAM Quota be shared between buckets or are they totally isolated?

For safety reasons, how can I set up a backing swap file so that if I should hit the RAM Quota limit, I won’t kill the bucket or the server?

Oops, ignore that swap file question, it was answered in another post I just saw. Now all I need to know are the first several questions.

Yes See the Editing Couchbase buckets section in the manual it half way down the page.


They are isolated. Please remember that the bucket quote is for user data, there are other background tasks that will consume memory such as replication, index creation and XDCR.

That is a question for your OS vendor, we do have guidelines in the manual.