Memory allocation in cluster

Apologies if I’ve missed the right documentation for this, but I’m looking for docs on how to balance/allocate overall total cluster memory.

What I’ve read indicates that each bucket gets some memory, and the cluster overall gets a total quota. But then there are services; I haven’t seen how to configure memory on those services individually.

For example, take this screenshot:

I have 2 buckets, 1GB total in the cluster; 1 bucket has 256MB, the other 128MB. Should bucket memory be allocated so the full 1GB is given to the buckets? If so then what do services use? How should this be budgeted? I’d like to give this test cluster for example 1GB total, but have it utilize as much of that as possible and not have any slack unallocated memory.

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The cluster overview page only shows the RAM quota for data service. So in your example, you have allocated 1G for the total cluster, one bucket uses 256MB, the other bucket uses 128M. You can change the bucket RAM quota under data bucket tab.

You can set indexer and query RAM quota in settings tab.
Doc here:


Hi Qi,

I’m trying again on another thread to ask a related question – your answer is appreciated, but you’re providing guidance on how to set RAM quotas for other things. I’m interested in how to manage RAM for the whole cluster or at least the node. How is this done?

Responding in the other email thread.