Question about configServer?

@adamf Can I only deploy 2 node Couchbase Server,that belong to 2 cluster,and set bi-directional XDCR for two cluster to make Couchbase Server HA.
and make a custom config Server for Sync Gateway,so that If one node down,and SG can “find” the other node ,and connect that node for failover?
If yes,How can I set up a config Server?

No - the Sync Gateway config server is used to obtain the Sync Gateway config for a named database. It doesn’t define multiple endpoints/addresses for a single named database, so doesn’t provide the type of failover you’re looking for.

Just so we’re clear - the HA scenario that isn’t covered by Sync Gateway that you’re trying to handle is “the Couchbase Server node targeted by Sync Gateway isn’t available during Sync Gateway startup”. As previously discussed, once Sync Gateway is up and running, it’s in communication with the full Couchbase Server cluster, and can handle the targeted node going down.

Thank you, I will test it deeply.