Querying CBS 3.0 views with stale=false


We have developed our solution using Couchbase Server 2.5.2. (Our solution also uses Sync Gateway to synchronise data with our mobile apps). The solution also has a web application, which queries Couchbase Server.

The web application uses stale=false view queries at all times, as our use case requires us to ensure that we read our own writes.

The solution is working quite well so far.

We are also working with the Sync Gateway team on some of the issues we are seeing (https://github.com/couchbase/sync_gateway/issues/525). We were also hoping to upgrade to CBS 3.0 as soon as Sync Gateway supports it.

However, I have recently come across the following issue:

and the following recent comment really surprised me:

From the following blog post:

which is made by a very senior member of your team, it appears that CBS 3.0 greatly improves the performance of stale=false queries. The blog post is talking solely about the “read your own write” use case and really comes across that CBS has no problem with that use case (Which is the main reason why we love Couchbase over many other eventual consistency NoSQL solutions).

However, the following comment:

tells, what looks like, a very different story.

So what is the actual performance behaviour of CBS 3.0 stale=false queries as compared to CBS 2.5.2?

Will we be able to upgrade to CBS 3.0 as our use case requires us to use stale=false queries, and not suffer more than 10% performance penalty?

Thanks a lot for your help!