A query with stale=false never returns


Not sure what really happens, but my couchbase server never returns if I issues a query with stale=false. For example,


Also, CPU usage is more than 95%.

It returns immediately if I don’t specify stale=false.

It worked fine before, but not sure what happened. The database corrupted? Anything I can do?

It is a development environment, so the data is small – only about 120 docs (and the query shall return only about 10 docs).

BTW, I’m using 2.2 community edition.


Can you report a bug and attach logs from cbcollect_info?



Reported: https://www.couchbase.com/issues/browse/MB-11585

We’re plan to release the product in a month. What shall we do when we ran into this problem again? Is stalle=false not mature and we shall not use in a production system?