Query Workbench not available in the main admin UI

I just installed Couchbase 4.5. The download instructions mention that the Query Workbench is now integrated into the main server but the admin UI for me launches (on port 8091) without the Query Workbench, although the query service is running on port 8094 and responds to queries. Contrary to instructions that it shouldn’t be required, I separately downloaded the Query addon and it works as expected. Is there some way I can get queries to show up in the main admin UI as well?

In version 4.5, the one situation where the Query Workbench does not appear in the UI is when you are logged in as “read only admin”. (This is due to limitations in the role-based access control in 4.5, it should work better in the next release.)

Are you logged in as a read only admin? If so, the behavior is as expected (though not how we’d like it to be). If you are logged in as a regular admin, then you may have come across a bug. What type of role are you logged in as?

I’m on whatever was created by default during initial setup because I don’t remember changing the role type — perhaps a read-only account, isn’t it?

So I tried following the docs to inspect or change the role of the “admin” account, and I get

'admin-role-manage' is not a couchbase-cli command

Indeed, couchbase-cli -h doesn’t show admin-role-manage among the possible options. What am I missing?

When you do the initial set-up, the login/password you specify is for Administrator. Is that the one you are using?

With Administrator, you shouldn’t need to do anything further with ‘admin-role-manage’.

I am curious about the error you are seeing with couchbase-cli. Can you check the path (e.g., ‘which couchbase-cli’) to make sure you are getting the 4.5 version. The syntax should be something like:

./couchbase-cli admin-role-manage -c localhost:8091 --set-users=my_user --set-names=“Me” --roles=cluster_admin

Oh my bad, I first got the Community Edition which I didn’t realise is still at 4.1. The QWb does come up now, sorry for the bother.

However, I’m unable to now run couchbase-cli in 4.5, it throws 'snappy-c.h' file not found. There’s some internet chatter about this issue — is it well known?

I haven’t seen the snappy-c.h error. What OS are you on?

Also, could you include here the exact command you’re running, and the error message that results?

Thank you!

It’s been ages now for this question to be asked, I am just new here, however I wanna know since when and which version QWb is coming as part of the Couchbase?