Query Engine Crash


./cbq-engine is stopped with below error.

1222698 time=“2015-04-16T08:00:00-04:00” level=“INFO” _msg="Found index docType on keyspace default"
1222699 2015/04/17 00:43:40 UUID.State.init: address error:

Can we restore it automatically?


The error message “UUID.State.init: address error:” is from a 3rd party software component that is no longer used by cbq-engine. It was removed because of an issue very similar to yours (https://issues.couchbase.com/browse/MB-13104) . The next DP release (which is within the next week) will include this issue fix.

But, to help you make progress now, we can try a couple of things - are you running on Windows? Can you run ipconfig in a command shell and show the output? If that looks ok, can you try running cbq-engine as a user with greater privileges (e.g. the system user). What you are experiencing happens because cbq-engine attempts to read the system’s network interface and encounters an error.


This was happened twice on RadHat Linux machine. Not happening immediately after starting engine. once or twice in a month.