N1QL not starting

N1QL seems to be very flaky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

When I issue

./cbq-engine -datastore=http://myserveraddress.com:8093

I get

2015/01/19 18:48:29 Failed to listen listen unix /tmp/log_upr_client.sock: bind: address already in use

But when I check netstat, port 8093 is not being used. What else should I check for?

Is your Couchbase server on port 8091 (the default)?

,/cbq-engine -datastore http://your_server_address:8091

Yes. The couchbase server is running fine. I am able to access it through the web portal at the same address and also the data is getting inserted properly.

P.S can you remove the reference to my server URL. Don’t want any one to access it directly. I have done so in my original post.

Ok. Are you passing port 8091 or 8093 to cbq-engine? Your original post said 8093 instead of 8091…

I did try 8091 and 8093. The same error with both.

Are you running N1QL DP4?

Yes. I downloaded it on last Friday.

Ok. You may have run into a regression. Please try:

rm -f tmp/log_upr_client.sock

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Removed the file and it is working now. Will update this thread if it continues to happen often.