Pull Replication pulls all the docs from a new channel when granted access?

After a user is granted access to a new channel,does the next pull request retrieves all documents from this new channel to which the user now has access?If yes then how to pull only those docs which are added to the channel after the access is granted?We don’t want to pull those docs which were added in the channel before the user has access to that channel.

When a user is granted access to a channel, the changes feed triggers a backfill of all documents in the channel to the user.

Sync Gateway doesn’t support the concept of ‘only new’ channel access, where users added to the channel would only have access to channel contents modified after they joined the channel.

If you have some more specifics on your use case, let me know and we can review whether there’s another way to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

We have communities in our application.When a user becomes a part of the community,we grant access to the channel of that community by updating members array in the community channel doc.As there can be many members who have already posted many documents which we do not want to sync to the new member.We want only the future posts in the community channel to be syncd.

We have similar scenario for group chat.We are maintaining one channel per group.Now when a new user is added to a chat group, we want to sync the future messages in the channel.We don’t want past conversations.How to achieve this?


Any suggestions?