Problems converting from cblite 1.1.0 to 1.2.0

I have an existing android project running on cblite 1.1.0. I’m using in my build,gradle file
dependencies {

compile ‘com.couchbase.lite:couchbase-lite-android:1.1.0’


I can see two cblite files in the file directory (these files are over 2 MB each) and contain the data. The file names are db1.cblite and db2.cblite The app works.

When I convert the dependency to
compile ‘com.couchbase.lite:couchbase-lite-android:1.2.0’
(not using forestdb to the best of my knowledge).
I see to directories create
db1.cblite2 and db2.cblite2. each contains three files:db.sqlite3, db.sqlite3-shm, db.sqlite3-wal. All of these files are relatively small and don’t appear to contain any of the data present in the previous version of couchbase mobile.
The app can’t find info from these databases.

On further inspection one of the databases seems to be complete copied over. However the second seems to be partially copied. I see the views but there are no records in the docs table or in any of the maps.

What am I doing incorrectly.

Hi @miltgrin,
From v1.2.0, database folder structure and database schema are different from v1.1.0. CBL v1.2.0 does automatically upgrade to v1.2.0 folder structure and schema.

Could you please extract database folder from Android, then look into database by using CouchbaseLiteViewer?

If you can find missing documents or revisions, please file the ticket.


I did check the converted file with a sqlite viewer and there are no documents/revisions in the resulting converted DB. I will submit a ticket.


"Note that if you have a previous project using an earlier version of Couchbase Lite then the existing database files are not converted. This is where a SQLite-backed database will continue using SQLite by default because the format of the database type is established at the beginning of project creation. The existing database will always open with the same storage engine that created them. Stay tuned for future blogs that will address how to migrate that over."

If i enable the forestdb in 1.2 CB …the existing CB 1.1 Sqlite DB data will not transferred to forestdb? Still need to continue with Sqlite DB?

What if the project is released to end coustomers with SqliteDB and need forestdb of CB 1.2?


Use the openDatabaseWithOptions method to updraft a db to ForestDB.