Problem with pull replicate design documents using https url

We are testing Couchbase Lite as a part of a framework for educational content. We produce/develop education content material for the iOS and we are expanding to the Android OS as well. We found Couchbase Lite very interesting for cross platform development. We are testing it with Couchdb server.

Recently, we change url to secure port (https) in replication process. Every thing are ok on Android Platform but we have a problem in iOS when try to make a pull replication using pull.documentIDs method to get design documents. Every think works when we use http url. Over https all other documents are synchronized but the problem occur only with design documents replications.
In iOS we are using CBL 1.4.1 and CouchDB 2.1.1.

Any idea?

HTTP vs HTTPS shouldn’t make any difference in what gets replicated. The URLs are otherwise identical?
Do you get any log messages?

Thank for replay. I suspect it’s a Server Apache configuration problem (AllowEncodedSlashes) that returns a url with 2%F in place of (/).
RemoteRequest: CBLMultipartDownloader [/ cdb / database / _design / docs]: got response, status 404
Got error CBHTTP [404, “not_found”, <myurl / _design2% Fdocs? Rev …>

I will investigate and return back soon. But any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

Ugh, yes. Design documents are a pain to deal with because the slash is part of the document ID not a path separator, so it has to be encoded (and kept encoded during parsing). We’ve had “fun” dealing with that in CBL.

It sounds like your Apache configuration for this is different from HTTPS than for HTTP URLs, so maybe that will help you figure out the problem.