Unable to get latest revision from server if document update or delete


I am using cbl couchbase lite and i unable to get latest revision from server if document update or delete most of time. If I am updating or deleting document from device A then doc push to the server and server had latest revision with latest changes but other devices B,C,D unable to pull latest revision while server rest api changes given latest revision to all devices for A,B,C,D.

This is random issue it is not always but 80% fail to pull latest revision if any device fail to pull latest revision we never pull that particular document (updated or deleted). while other document which is new pulling well from server.

What version and platform of Couchbase Lite?


@hideki, could you take a look please?

Hi @nssoftengineer,

I have some questions:

  1. What server do you use Sync Gateway/Couchbase Server or CouchDB? What version of them are you using?
  2. Does your app use complicated sync function? if you are using SG.
  3. From your original message, latest revisions on server and client are different. It indicates updated/deleted document was not push-replicated to the server. Can you observe the error message in Android Logcat? or SG log?
  4. Do you use continuous push replication?


  1. Couchbase server 4.6.2

  2. SG Version 1.4 both android and server.

  3. Normal sync function but one local mobile db and two replication for two different server.

  4. Data push on server perfectly and rest api given latest changes but device unable to pull particular document while new document pulling/pushing well but after update and delete fail.

  5. Yes use continuous pull/push replication.

Can you reply me what is actually possibility to resolve issue.