Problem with N1QL from endpoint

I use Reactive Couchbase (this is Scala port for Java SDK -

And for query this use http endpoint (http://mycouchbaseadress:8093/query?q=N1QL Comand) but response for server is “Unrecognized parameter in request: q”.

Search and find to start cbq-engine so try to launch ‘cbq-engine -couchbase http://mycouchbaseadress:8093/’ but have error ''flag provided but not defined: -couchbase"

My couchbase version is 4.1 community

Do you know how I can send my n1ql query to server by endpoint?

This is how you’d do it in curl.

curl -u Administrator:password http://localhost:8093/query/service -d ‘statement=select * from travel-sample limit 1’