Problem with migrating couchbase from 2.0.2 to 2.1.0 and later version

Hello, I have following problem witch couchbase community lite for android. My client want to distribute the app through Google Play Store, they are using couchbase 2.0.2 and I need to update it to at least 2.5.3 with a support for x64 architecture - it’s a Google Play store requirement to support all 64bit architectures.

I updated couchbase to 2.5.3 without any problem with a backward compatibility, the only thing I had to change is an additional java import ‘import com.couchbase.lite.AbstractReplicator.Status;’. Almost everything is working fine except one thing. We are adding a DatabaseChangeListener to a Database to listen for a changes. Document parameter of ‘changed’ method is missing some fields - ‘id’, ‘type_id’ and ‘_id’. It appear starts from version 2.1.0, no changes in app logic, just a version update.

Here is what we receive in 2.0.2:
“TITLE_LANG”: “Deutsch”,
“address”: “Adresse”,
“back”: “Zurück”,
“btn_change_driver”: “Fahrer ändern.”,

“_id”: “de”,
“id”: “de”,
“item_id”: “de”,


Last three fields are missing in 2.1.0 and later versions. It’s just for this particular entities with type: locale and channel: system. For any other documents id, type_id and _id are correctly returend. Any idea?

FYI “_id”, “_revisionID”, “_sequence”, “_deleted”, “_expiration” are reserved for internal use. Not sure if this is related.
cc @blake.meike @Lauren_Nguyen