Couchbase access via spark-sql cli

Hi, is there a way to query Couchbase directly from spark-sql cli?


@eldhoseeep One way to do this using CData drivers for more information

cdata driver is a paid solution. Do we have any open source options?

My use case need to join data from couchbase with a dimension table that resides in Hadoop. Is there a way that can be done? other than moving dimension table to couchbase.

@eldhoseeep could be another option but it is not being maintained though

okay. will test this one. Thanks Raju

@eldhoseeep what is the context? Are you looking to iteratively explore & query a cluster, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be through Spark or the SDKs? If so then may be useful to you.

@graham.pople the idea is, we have a streaming job which lands data in couchbase. For business users to get insights from it they run some adhoc queries joining with tables in hadoop.

What we are looking is a way to join couchbase with hadoop tables without writing an app, some what in sql way.