Potential bug with AND TRUE and LIMIT - couchbase Enterprise Edition 5.5.2 build 3733

Hi All,

I am running into an issue in couchbase Enterprise Edition 5.5.2 build 3733. It looks like couchbase is incorrectly handling AND TRUE and LIMIT in a query. Using beer-sample as an example:

If I run either of the following queries, I get 5891 results:

/* 1 */ SELECT * FROM `beer-sample` WHERE type='beer'
/* 2 */ SELECT * FROM `beer-sample` WHERE TRUE AND type='beer'

If I run this query with a LIMIT 2 clause added, I get 1 result (expecting 2)

/* 3 */ SELECT * FROM `beer-sample` WHERE TRUE AND type='beer' LIMIT 2

Looking at the plan for query 3, I can see that it performs a primary scan with limit 2, a fetch, and then applies the filter afterwards.

I can also run this query and get 2 results as expected:

/* 4 */ SELECT * FROM `beer-sample` WHERE FALSE OR type='beer' LIMIT 2

The plan for query 4 does not apply a limit on the primary scan.

If I run the same exact queries in couchbase Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 build 5552, I get the expected number of results for all queries. The plan for query 3 in 5.10 does not appear to apply a limit in the primary scan.

Is this a known bug in couchbase, or am I missing something?

Thanks for reporting. MB-31615

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Thanks for resolving this so quickly. That was a fantastic turn-around time. :clap:t4:

Do you have a rough estimate on when Enterprise 5.5.3 will be released? It looks like normally releases happen every month or two.

@monodop the current target time line is some time in December 2018

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