Possible memory leak in .net SDK 2.7?

We are using .net SDK version of 2.7.26 in our application and have observed gc gen2 heap size going up constantly. It is very similar to the issue reported in Couchbase .NET SDK Memory Leak? - #7 by justusweber. Has anyone reported the same issue existing in v2.7? I did not see any fix for memory leak in v 2.7. Is v 2.7 continually supported for the near future or do I have to migrate to v3?

Thanks for the help.

@DongHsu -

The code in sdk2 and sdk3 are pretty much completely different so you’ll want to isolate the issue on that code base.

2.7 EFM was March 2021 and EOL is March 2022; you’ll probably want to begin the migration path to 3.2 sooner than later.