Populate warehouse - DCP client or Eventing service

I would like to populate a data warehouse when mutations happen in couchbase server.
The Eventing service seems like a good fit for this use case. However, I would like to use the Community edition or build from source myself. I see that Eventing is new in v5.5 EE and CE is at 5.1.1.
If I build the source myself from GitHub can I use this feature?
I’m a bit confused about what features are available for use when building from source.


Hi Brian,

Currently Eventing is a Couchbase EE edition feature. This means that you can use it free for development and test purposes, but will need a EE license to use it in production. Please find more details in Couchbase Editions page. We discuss EE and CE feature matrix regularly, and we will definitely be evaluating Eventing as well in the future.