Future of couchbase DCP

DCP is only available in the java client SDK, does this mean that couchbase prefers eventing over DCP?
Is there a risk for me if I stream my data mutations via a java client DCP?

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Faris Ahmed

Hi @FarisAhmed,

Please understand that Eventing itself uses DCP, but think of Eventing as more of a post-trigger environment to run a tiny lambda (where the server itself takes care of all the scaling and infrastructure so you don’t have to).

The only downsides to using a Java client DCP is that you have to ensure that your Java client is robust and reliable in the event of hard failures and failovers and it might take a little more coding on your part to interact in a performance fashion with the Data and Query services.

As @david.nault pointed out in a different post of yours (link) Kafka can also process data (it too uses DCP).

I guess it just comes down to the right tool for the right job, we really don’t have a preference.


Jon Strabala
Principal Product Manager - Server‌

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for the info. I am still wondering why DCP is only available in java client, in other words is it really only available in java client?
Isn’t the sync gateway using DCP to detect document changes? if yes then shouldn’t DCP client functionality be available in go sdk client?


Hi Faris,

You’re right, the Go client does have some DCP code. Unsupported, interfaces may change, use at your own risk, etc.