PHP Warning: Failed to establish libcouchbase connection to server: Connection failure

I am trying to connect to a remote server installation of Couchbase 2.0.1 (verified through web console access) from my local workstation (Windows XP SP3) using the php sdk and I keep getting: "Warning: Failed to establish libcouchbase connection to server: Connection failure in …"
I am using wampserver and I’ve downloaded the sdk from for version 5.4 TS (the NTS version gave the wamp error “php_couchbase extension could not be loaded”).
The code I used is the one from the php sdk page example, except I put the server address in the Couchbase constructor.
Is there any way I can find out more on why the connection failed? (I tried catching exceptions but none are thrown)
Tried a bunch of solutions found on these forums and other pages, including:
setting only the server’s ip address, with or without the port number
setting the last optional parameter to true
passing the server address as a string or as an array of a string with the beforehand mentioned variations
using xampp instead of wampserver but the error was the same
Also tried digging a bit through the git repositories for php-ext-couchbase and found the “Failed to establish libcouchbase connection to server” message in a google cached version of create.c. Also the “Connection failure” message was found in libcouchbase’s strerror.c file, returned in case of LCB_CONNECT_ERROR. Unfortunately my C skills are very basic and I couldn’t determine exactly where the error I was getting could have originated from.
Has anyone else had this error?
Thank you for your time.

Maybe this blog post from Trond (PHP SDK main contributor) can help you:

Also you have to check that you are using the same “package”, the PHP SDK are 32 bits, so you need a 32 bits PHP engine/WAMP/XAMP.
You may have some interesting information in the Apache/Error log files.