Couchbase Tools shipped with the Couchbase C Client Library (libcouchbase) problem


installed 2.1.0 couchbase x64 on windows8 (with visualc++2012). the couchbase console seems fine, everything starts as usual, and server shows as ‘up’.

the problem is when i try to use ‘cbc stats’, it gives me the following error:

ERROR: Connection failure
"Could not connect to server within allotted time"

also: when i run the ‘complete-example’ code built using the libcouchbase 2.0.6 c api, i get the same error as above. (‘complete-example’ code is written on

does anybody know what’s wrong and how can i successfully get around to use the c api on windows8 wth vc2012?

thank you very much.

Given that 2.1 hasn’t been released and is just under development, can you try resetting to a previous tag like 2.0.6 and test from there? If that also fails it would be good to verify that hostnames resolve properly and perhaps grab a packet capture of ports 8091, 8092 and 11210. You may also want to verify no firewall is in place for port 11210. This sounds almost like a firewall is dropping packets.

You might be running into

Try using an absolute IP address rather than a list of hosts or a hostname.

By default it will try to connect to ‘localhost’ if no hostname is specified. You are getting this confusing error because of the bug listed above. The error should actually be “Connection Refused”. In any event specifying a correct IP address or hostname where there is a server listening should solve this.