PHP 7 (PHPNG) Couchbase driver

Hi all!

The new version is PHP is to be released in November 2015. In addition, PHP5.4 is close to its EOL. Any comments on Couchbase drivers for phpng?

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Hey Ivan15,

Support for PHP will continue through to phpng. There are no solid plans for when that support will be available, but it should be prior to it’s final release.

Cheers, Brett

Maybe it’s more on time now to have a time-schedule: PHP7 is currently planned to be released at the 12th of November. What are your plans for getting out a compatible version of the Couchbase driver?

Hey SimonSimCity,

The PHP7 driver is still under development and does not currently have an estimated time to completion. We are committed to having a PHP7 driver available, but do not have a planned release yet.

Cheers, Brett

hey @brett19, any ETA for php 7 support?

PHP 7 is officially announced yesterday.

Hey @moon0326,

While we do have plans to support PHP7 in the near future, we do not yet have a timeline for it’s availability.

Cheers, Brett

Thank you brett19 for the reply.

Hi Brett, there is some timeline for PHP7 avaibility? We hope to use it soon as possible because we have a huge cpu application.


Indeed, PHP7 is a major release with lots of features and performances.
We need it.


Couchbase is only thing that stops us from upgrading to 7

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All, thanks for letting us know about the interest. We just met on this today and we definitely have it in mind. Once we have a better idea on timeframe, we’ll update and let you know. I just wanted to let you know you’d been heard and feel free to private-message me if you have any other detail.

I’m probably stupid, but i don’t know how i can private message you.
So this is my answer :
I got the feeling that PHP is not a priority for you.
You probably want make CouchBase very popular and used in the whole world, PHP is a language massively used for websites, even on very big one. So you should put PHP language at the top of your priority .

The driver should already be available for PHP7.

@srm // I too feel that PHP is not a priority for the Couchbase team. It’s been so hard for me to work with Couchbase in PHP so far. However, I also understand that not that many people use Couchbase with PHP. The big companies you are talking about usually use PHP as a front end language. Most of them use other languages for their backend language. Even xdebug is not completely ready for PHP7.

I also understand that not that many people use Couchbase with PHP

That’s the vicious circle:

  1. No one uses PHP with Couchbase
  2. Couchbase puts non effort into this and the integration is half broken
  3. Someone tries to use PHP with Couchbase
  4. Someone desists due to it being half broken
  5. No one uses PHP with Couchbase - and the ones who tried dropped it

To break this circle Couchbase needs to fix - and properly support - the integration. But this is a long term investment with no inmedate ROI for Couchbase, it’s just a matter of vision and strategy.

It took a decade and a completely change of management for Microsoft to do the same thing with their PHP stuff.

Just reminding that we use PHP with Couchbase.

And one more point. PHP7 is not just the next version, it speeds up the whole thing and possibly solves one of the biggest problems of PHP which is speed. This will probably make PHP a better competitor for the next few years and it would be stupid to stop supporting it now.

We, too, use Couchbase with php, an ETA on php7 support would be very welcomed.

We are a startup founded two years ago which core business is based on BigData and Couchbase (we started from Couchbase 2.0 and nowadays we are using 4.0). We have grown a lot and for both front-end and API we use PHP5.6. It would be very important for us to upgrade to PHP7 (which includes a large set of features which are basic to us) to greatly reduce the response time of our API. Our APPs, in some cases, have a high CPU usage. Please keep us up to date otherwise we’ll have to look for another solution to avoid being slow in our growth.

Best regards,
Travel Appeal Dev Team


We too use Couchbase with PHP. We’re running a quite huge Couchbase cluster but the performance improvements we’ve seen during benchmarks with our code will eventually force us to upgrade our production environment to PHP7. If no ETA on PHP7 compatibility is announced soon, we’ll be forced to look for alternatives to replace our Couchbase cluster.

Stating that not that many users use Couchbase with PHP might be a huge underestimation. Also, only looking at the size of the PHP community shows that there is huge growth potential for Couchbase, especially now PHP7 is released and early-adopters are looking to upgrade/change their setup.

Chiming in as another frustrated developer, who discovered this lack of support at the tail end of upgrading all our systems to PHP7. We really don’t want to have to switch off Couchbase, but that seems like it’s our only option at this point as the php7 branch of the couchbase driver is broken, and there is no communication here about ETAs or priorities =\

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+1 for PHP7 support. Its really suprising that such “big” and important PHP version is still not supported by Couchbase.