New release needed


I had a bad surprise by testing the 2.1.0 version of the SDK. Usually I work with an extension built on the master version of the php-couchbase repository. It works fine (except a reported issue about bucket creation).
Yesterday, on a new project, I checked out the tag 2.1.0 before compiling the extension, and I had fatal errors relating to the parameter $json_asarray of the method CouchbaseBucket::_view. This bug has been fixed by this commit: but without release a new version (that could be 2.1.1).

Please, could you tag a new version to allow us to use the SDK with a known behaviour?

Thank you

Definitely this library need better support.

Thanks for posting. @brett19 and I were just chatting about this the other day and we’re looking to get a patch update out soon. We’re looking to get a maintenance release out on Feb 2, details are at

Thanks for your answer.

What’s the release note ?

We don’t use the JIRA module for generating release notes, but the issues expected to be fixed are listed in the versions. They’ll be more up to date as we get further along in development.

Is there a specific issue you’re looking to be addressed in the next maintenance release?

Yes this one : Can't createBucket :slight_smile:
And this one too : PHP 7 (PHPNG) Couchbase driver