Persistent data with walrus

I didn’t understand if i can have data persistency using the default database walrus or if i’m forced to install couchbase server.

According to the guide in the website, it is possible by writing “walrus:data” in the serviceconfig.json to get a small persistent database.

Using grocery-sync example it worked well and i had a file inside the “data” folder. Now i’m developing a small project of mine, i don’t know what i’ve done and that file is disappeared and i don’t have persistence.

This is the serviceconfig.json:

{ "log": ["CRUD+", "REST+", "Changes+", "Attach+"], "adminInterface": "", "interface": "", "databases": { "university-notes": { "server": "walrus:data", "sync":
}, "users": { "GUEST": {"disabled": true, "admin_channels": ["*"]} } } } }


Make sure that the data directory exists where you are running sync_gateway and that your user account has write access to the directory.

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