Perl - Support for Attachment and Revision?

I was reading the documentation here:

but it does not look like this functionality is supported yet. Are there plans to do so?

It would be nice to not have to recreate this ability in my app code.



I am confused. You are linking to our mobile documentation here. But we only have server side Perl SDK.

Is the attachment functionality implemented at the server level? It seems to be from the description:

Attachments store data associated with a document, but are not part of the document’s JSON object. Their primary purpose is to make it efficient to store large binary data in a document.

Being able to do this from the server SDK would seem to be just as useful as from the mobile SDK.

It’s implemented on the server side on the Sync Gateway. Not on Couchbase Server. So if you are using Couchbase mobile, and the Sync Gateway, you need to use this API: