Blobs and attachments

I have followed the development/discussions of Blobs and attachments for a while.

As I understand it they don’t blend in well if you need to access blobs as attachments server side and vice versa.

I have an app where I can add photos server side as well as on the mobile - and remove them in both places. So the user sees his/her data as a global thing that they can access equally on either mobile or in a browser (server). Due to the various “hacks” I saw when starting the migration to Couchbase a while back I decided to save these images as base64 encoded text strings. This works fine - but I would rather save the images as byte arrays. Then I could get rid of the transformation to/from base64 text and it would take up less space.

If I look at the CBL side it seems compellingly easy to work with: - however, I’m curious as to:

  1. How to save the blob server side (using the Java SDK)?
  2. Any “challenges” with sync’ing (filters, sync. function, etc.)

I’m using Community Edition 6 (latest) server, latest .Net SDK on mobile and Java SDK 2.5.7 on the server (due to an error found in later SDKs)

Thanks for any thoughts in advance :slight_smile:

Blob updates on server side has to be done through the SGW REST API. The SDKs don’t support blobs as yet .That’s something on our radar.

Ok, I see that some people have challenges with that… So I may stick with the current model using pure text :slight_smile: