On device local encryption

In the features list for couchbase mobile it lists “Local File Encryption”. What is the accepted way to achieving this? I don’t see a simple way to integrate SqlCipher or something like that. Any direction would be appreciated.


That’s not a current feature; where did you see it listed?

On iOS there is an experimental branch called feature/encryption that supports SQLCipher, but it’s not merged into master yet.

Also, on iOS all application files are already encrypted by default. Adding an extra layer of encryption isn’t generally necessary unless you’re paranoid or complying with strict regulations like HIPAA.


About halfway down:

Secure Support
Local file system encryption.
Communication over SSL.
Quickly develop apps for multiple mobile platforms with a common code base using Xamarin or PhoneGap/Cordova.

Btw, we are attempting to comply with HIPAA

D’ohhh! I’ve sent an email raising the issue, so we can fix that page.

You can use CryptonorDB, it encrypts JSON records before are stored and decrypts them just before are used . (fully HIPAA compliant)