Offline First Best Practice

Hi. I am doing some research for a project and was wondering if I were to use Couchbase Mobile offline, would it be as simple as just turning on the sync gateway capabilities to sync with Couchbase in the cloud? I would like to provide in-app purchase to allow this capability and the user may have a large dataset by the time they decide to use the cloud syncing capabilities.

Yes, that would work. You’ll want to include a owner property in your documents to handle access control. Then you’ll have to setup the Sync Gateway and Couchbase server. You’ll need to set the Sync function in the Sync Gateway configuration file to handle access control. Sync Gateway Config File Docs

The tutorials here will walk you through the whole process: Couchbase Mobile Tutorials

There’s a bug that affects initial pull of a large dataset down from the server. It might also affect a large push to server. I would recommend testing with a large dataset before deploying your app. Github Issue

Yes, as discussed in this comment

Thank you both! This helps with my decision for our application!