How to use couchbase stack correct

Hi, i’m new to Couchbase and i love!

Now i have few questions about the setup in my use case.


  • We develop iOS/Android app that needs Offline Sync
  • We develop a Webversion of the App that get the data from a REST API
  • We develop a Admin Software to manage all things in our system


  • For the Mobile Apps we use Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway
  • For the Webversions we have two Ideas 1. We develop a REST API with NodeJS and ExpressJS 2. We call the sync_gateway REST API

Is our ideas good or is there a problem?

Can we use the built in Usermanagment from Couchbase to Autheticate the users for our system?

thanks for help!

On the web version of the application - documents need to be written to the bucket using the Sync Gateway REST API in order for them to be available for replication to your client applications.

For the user management question - Couchbase Server users are unrelated to the set of users defined in Sync Gateway for your mobile application. You’ll need to use the Sync Gateway REST API to administer your mobile users.