NTP configured for couchbase/server:7.1.1?

Can anyone confirm whether or not NTP is enabled in the couchbase/server images? If not, how to configure this?

See https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/install/synchronize-clocks-using-ntp.html for clock synchronisation requirements and how to implement it.


@dh thanks. So that means that NTP is not included in the couchbase/server image? I’m a little puzzled on how to figure this when hosting in AKS, and everything is spun up by the couchbase-operator, using couchbase/server docker image.

No it isn’t, since CB simply uses the OS time which needs to be synchronised between nodes. NTP is the typical way of doing so, but doesn’t strictly have to be. Plus it is an independent package that may differ from OS to OS with its own maintenance stream, critical updates etc.

I can’t knowledgeably speak to your hosting requirements; hopefully someone else can. (I would have expected NTP to be bundled with the AKS node operating system image though; i.e. already be there.)

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