Enyim.Caching.MemcachedClient.ExecuteStore throwing exception


Couchbase version = 2.2
.NET SDK version = 1.2.6

Using below config section to connect -

      <servers bucket="Bucket1" bucketPassword="******">
        <add uri="http://LoadBalancerURL:8091/pools" />
      <servers bucket="Bucket2" bucketPassword="******">
        <add uri="http://LoadBalancerURL:8091/pools" />
      <servers bucket="Bucket3" bucketPassword="******">
        <add uri="http://LoadBalancerURL:8091/pools" />

On my local machine - connectivity, storing object and retrieving object - all are working fine.

On my QA server, storing object throwing exception - but error message is just a dot.
Unable to understand whats the issue. Please help me to troubleshoot and fix this issue.


That version of the SDK has been EOL for years, and even SDK v2 is EOL soon, I think this month. I would strongly recommend upgrading to SDK v3 as your solution, if at all possible.

That said, a quick guess would be that your problem is the use of a load balancer. In most scenarios that will not work, it is necessary to have access to multiple ports on every node in the cluster directly from the client SDK. There are some specialized scenarios that allow bootstrapping via a load balancer first, but then connecting to each node directly after bootstrap, but those are not generally recommended.

Thank you!
I will try using IP address instead of load balancer and also will check ports allowed.