Not sure how to fix this warning from couchbase client

I have couchbase server setup with one node and clients are able to write data to it. What I am working on now is a simple script to get some of these stored documents. I went in to the web console and found a random key and I try to retrieve that from my program. What I get is this warning:

WARN com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseConnection: Node expected to receive data is inactive. This could be due to a failure within the cluster. Will check for updated configuration. Key without a configured node is: xxxx.

I can log into web console, in the cluster overview i see one active server and 4 active buckets

right after the warning I see this in the log:
Error : Timeout waiting for value: waited 2,500 ms. Node status: Connection Status { active: false, authed: true, last read: 2,846 ms ago

This most probably indicates a socket that has been closed, I’m sure you’ll find more info in the logs upwards that point to the original issue.

You can keep running your code as the client will catch up eventually once everything is back in order.