Not able to rebalance a Cluster

I have a CouchBase cluster configured. I decided to remove some Query node(AWS instances) as the Cluster is an StandBy Cluster.
The procedure to follow to delete nodes was the following:

  • Remove nodes on UI clicking the button “remove”
  • Terminate the AWS Cloud instances.

Then i try to do a “rebalance” but this process is not working, so im still see the Query nodes listed but mark as “Node Unresponsible”

Is there a way to remove the nodes from the cluster? the nodes have been uncofigured/removed from AWS

Hey @jarriaga,

Could you provide some more details about your cluster set up? Are you using your own AWS instances or are you using Capella?

How many nodes did you require for your query service?

For example. you might not be able to fully rebalance if you have less nodes for the query service than you required, or if you used the starter template. See Modify a Cluster | Couchbase Docs.