Not able to install sync community in ubuntu

I have AWS AMI- Ubuntu 15.10 Stable

dpkg -i couchbase-sync-gateway-community_1.2.0-79_x86_64.deb

dpkg-deb: error: ‘couchbase-sync-gateway-community_1.2.0-79_x86_64.deb’ is not a debian format archive
dpkg: error processing archive couchbase-sync-gateway-community_1.2.0-79_x86_64.deb (–install):
subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2
Errors were encountered while processing:

cat /etc/lsb-release


Downloaded the deb file using following command

Request answers, as m stuck on this for long.

DEB package you downloaded is actually the HTML page which takes you to the download and starts the download shortly.

This is the reason dpkg installer does not recognize the .deb package.

Here the actual URL where the SyncGateway packages you seek is available:

@nvzing, Hi i too using Ubuntu version for Couchbase server and sync gateway. Here is great example for setup couchbase server and sync gate way on ubuntu server with docker.


Following are the steps to install sync_gateway :

  1. wget
  2. dpkg -i couchbase-sync-gateway-enterprise_1.4.1-3_x86_64.deb
  3. Change sync gateway config file accordingly
  4. Run : sudo service sync_gateway restart on ubuntu command line